What are the Problems our Farmers are Facing?

We have seen an increase in barren lands recently but why?

  1. Rammanna owns cultivation land but struggles to find adequate funds.
  2. Hanumanthu finds it impossible to find enough labor to work on the lands he owns.
  3. Nanjundappa loses his age-old farming traditions as his young educated children relocated to big cities in search of white collar jobs.

So on a whole,

  • Lack of funds
    Many farmers need money to cultivate and hire more workers.
  • Monitize Excess Land
  • Some farmers want to monetize excess land by selling it to investors or renting it out to enthusiasts to enjoy the agricultural lifestyle.
  • Management & Tech Adaption
    Some farmers may need help managing their farm efficiently using better technology.
  • Children Leaving
    Children sometimes leave the farm to start their own career, and the family will not be able to continue farming.
  • Retirement
    Some farmers may be retiring and want to sell or rent their farm so that they can retire comfortably.

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