From Concrete Jungles to Rural Paradise

Helping hundreds of City Residents
become a Weekend Farmer

while they earn more than FD, Mutual Funds

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Why Agreegain?

  • Become a real farmer
  • 15+ years of experience in farming
  • ROI more than FD, MF
  • Tax free returns
  • Network with local farmers
  • Support local farmers – employment, finance, technology
  • Not another real estate firm

What our Weekend
Farmers are telling:

Bharath Gowda Bengaluru

I have always had a passion for farming, but being the first in my family without any farming background, it seemed like a far-fetched dream. Thanks to AgreeGain, I've fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a farmer and proud cow parent!

Skanda S Mathikere

I used to invest in fixed deposits & mutual funds, which gave me a decent cumulative return on investment of around 12-13%. AgreeGain has boosted my investment returns from 12-13% to a remarkable 20%. Tax-free returns make it even more appealing.

Mangalam J Bengaluru

I have always had a deep love & affection for animals, so i have two dogs, one cat & a few birds as pets. Raising cattle has been a long-time dream of mine. Thanks to AgreeGain, I've fulfilled my dream of raising cattle! Milk sales & cow dung returns have been a bonus. Loving my animals.

Chaithra N S Vancouver, Canada

AgreeGain's focus on agriculture with Kamadhenu is a noble cause. Being a cow parent and supporting the unique project portfolio is both welcoming and fulfilling. Proud to be an environmentally friendly investor!

How does AgreeGain’s
“Become a Farmer” work?

How does AgreeGain’s
“Become a Farmer” work?

Let Us Help You Reconnect with the Land and the Farmer Within
Become a weekend farmer today!

Thank you for your interest in joining us on this exciting agricultural journey!
We’re putting on the finishing touches to make your experience seamless.
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